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Walking a thin line

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Today something has occurred that has provoked some response.

I’m currently in the process of getting myself back into uni, on my education course, I’m just about managing part time, bur i don’t want to let anyone down as i have had a lot of support from a lot of lovely people. Part of my course is that we have to complete a placement in a primary school.

I was set as was everyone else in school fairly close by, but as a pre caution i spoke to our general organisers about my condition and what I should do i.e. talk to them, part time etc..


I received this:

“We have spoken to  ******* and unfortunately they do
not feel able to offer you a placement given your disabilities.”


Now i felt a mixture of emotions – shock, anger and slightly expectant.

It is good enough for these schools to take us on and let us have the experience but to take on someone with lots of additional needs us probably a lot more than they bargained for.

I was fairly steady until i found out that the school was purpose built with wheelchair access and disabled toilets! . . . Bit of a kick!

That hurt, it makes me feel like i have done something wrong or that I’m not good enough, feels much more person which i guess i silly as all they know is my name!

So we wait to see what they can find for me – in the mean time my sister is trying to get me into her school which would be fab!

My friends and family have given me lots of wonderful support and lots of wonderful anger comments which have cheered me up no end!


Little things

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This year my partner Luke has decided I need a new hobby. I think this is down to his full love and devotion to football manager! The other reason (the admitted one) was that it could help cheer me up and let me have some me time and sense of achievement.


So my first hobby challenge is  going to be a mosaic bowl kit, it sounds odd but I really fancy getting into mosaicking I have a beautiful world map which I want to frame and surround with a variety of blues and mirror fragments, which i think will look nice!



I’m also thinking of making a quilt out of a variety of material fragments! so hopefully you will all soon see my creative side!


Just hurry up Mr Postman!


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Sleep or lack of it., are becoming a large bane in my life. The bags under my eyes are stretching and deepening!

I already sleep with four pillows wrapped round me and under my knee, bit still no comfort. Sometimes lying on my side with a pillow between my knees can be bearable but nothing seems to be comfortable.

Anyone out there have any ideas on finding comfort or at least sleep?

Video time!

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Right last one for tonight, here is a link to a youtube video from a girl who has CRPS and how she see’s it, really moving and definitely worth a few minutes of your time.



Hope you all find some sleep tonight, my bags definitely  need it! Night x


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Right, any CRPS suffers, or anyone that knows a suffer, please get on this charity. They have developed from one of the UK leading specialist hospital and they have organised a big event, a 2 day conference with Doctors, specialists, talk on medication and coping techniques and best of all you can meet loads of other lovely CRPS suffers like ME!

Rosalind Leeming (crpsuk) on Twitter

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Rosalind Leeming (crpsuk) on Twitter.


Raising awareness through twitter!


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This charity is just being setup by a fantatic set of women, whom are all suffers  themselves. Please look out for them and if you raise a little money too that’s even better!